About Paris Tribune editor & publisher Paul Ben-Itzak, and how to contact him for ad rates & more

For translating, DJing, and other editorial assignments or to tell him about your event, contact Paul at artsvoyager@gmail.com , by pasting that address into your e-mail program.

Paul Ben-Itzak, also director of La Maison de Traduction  and The Dance Insider Arts Voyager was educated at San Francisco’s Mission High School, the San Francisco Center for Theater Training, and Princeton University, where he studied with renowned translator Robert Fagles, Joyce Carol Oates, Ellen Chances, the eminent Sovietologist Stephen F. Cohen, and Lucinda Franks. He first arts teacher was Ruth Asawa, a survivor of the Japanese-American internment camps and a pioneering sculptor, lithograph-maker, and arts educator. Also at Princeton, Paul was founding managing editor of the Nassau Weekly and began contributing to the New York Times, Reuters, the Associated Press, Atlantic City Press, and many others, later writing for the Arts & Leisure section of the Times as well as Newsday and the Village Voice. As a San Francisco-based correspondent for Reuters, he was one of the first reporters to write about the AIDS crisis, also covering the arts, Silicon Valley, earthquakes, riots, science, and the equities market. In 1998, Paul co-founded the pioneering international arts journal The Dance Insider Arts Voyager in New York, opening the magazine’s Paris bureau in 2000. In 2012, he launched Art Investment News, covering the art market. Paul has also worked as a DJ, children’s theater teacher and playwright, gallerist in the Languedoc region of France, ranch chef and stable boy, and made his New York stage debut in 2011, playing Weston in Sam Shepard’s “Curse of the Starving Class.” Paul’s political experience includes being the first to serve a year-term as Student Delegate to the San Francisco Board of Education.

Paul is currently trying to secure an Anglophone publisher for his translations of Michel Ragon’s “La Mémoire des vaincus” (The Book of the Vanquished) and Lola Lafon’s “Mercy Mary Patty.

To date, Paul’s many translation projects have included the sketches of Boris Vian, reviews of dance and theater performances, French tourism sites, working as an interpreter at the vendange or wine harvest in the Cahors region, and research proposals and articles from the French CNRS and other researchers, with his translations published in the review Africa of the University of Cambridge and elsewhere. In addition to his magazines, his editing work ranges from advertising copy for the New York firm of Wunderman Cato Johnson to dissertation theses.

Since 2000, Paul has divided his time between Paris, the Dordogne, New York, San Francisco, and Texas, also touring throughout the South of France and throughout the United States.

Contact Paul at artsvoyager@gmail.com , by pasting that address into your e-mail program.